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Afzal Shauq Collection, 06 Nov 2007

afzal shauq collection
Da Lmar da Kali pa Lori, Mazal pa Wawro Banday, Shladelay Amail, Twist of Fates, Paruni Makuna, Afzal Shauq (Biography) & Pa Latun sta da Siray

Marwat Nite, 10 Sep 2007
marwat nite
Chief Guest: Dr. Khaled Raza Zakorhi
Performances: Naeem, Pilay, Hamid Bacha,
Baryalay Samadi, Khaled

Poetry; Ezatullah Shamszai, 06 August 2007

Publications: Shamanism, 16 February 2007
Malangs, Sufis and Mystics: Ethnographic and Historical Study of Shamanism in Afghanistan
Shamans and Mountain Spirits in Hunza
by Muhammad Humayun Sidky

Life of the Mind in Northern Pakistan, 08 January 2007
Muslim Village Intellectuals: The Life of the Mind in Northern Pakistan, by Magnus Marlsden

Sheikh Badin, 09 July 2006

sheikh badin

د کابل سفر؛ اسرار د طورو

kabul safar

A reportage of Kabul written by Israr da Toro; a prominent Pashto writer of Mardan, Pashtunkhwa. He had visited Kabul to attend a seminar in honour of Ajmal Khattak arranged by the Ministry of Higher Education, Afghanistan.

Folk Songs of Pashtun Children

folk songs of pashtun children

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Marwat Nite 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, added 10 March 2006

marwat nite
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د پير روښان روښاني انقلاب - 6 فروري 2006

pir rokhan