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The Beast

Based upon Play 'Nanawatai' by William Mastrosimone

When you're wounded an' left on Afghanistan's plains,

An' the women come out to cut up your remains,

just roll to your rifle an' blow out your brains,

an' go to your Gawd like a soldier.

- Rudyard Kipling


George Dzundza

Jason Patrick

Steven Bauer

Stephen Baldwin

Don Harvey

Erick Avari

Kabir Bedi

Costumes By:

Rochelle Zaltzman

Art Director:

Richard James

Screenplay By:

William Mastrosimone

Associate Producer:

Christopher Dalton

Casting By:

Ilene Starger

Music Composed by:

Mark Isham

Director of Photography:

Douglas Milsome

Executive Producer:

Gil Friesen & Dale Pollock

Directed By:

Kevin Reynolds

Produced By:

John Fiedler

It all starts one quiet, dusty ordinary day. Villagers in a village are carrying on with their routine activities, men cleaning guns, children playing, wives cooking... when all of a sudden, a noise is herd; A terrible noise. What follows is something even more terrible. The villagers are attacked by Russian forces in Tanks; 'guests' in Afghanistan by the standards of the Communist Government. The campaign sees destruction of mud houses, maiming and killing of children, women, elders; everybody, demolition of Mosques, poisoning of wells, and burning of fields amongst other tasks. The elders of the village are massacred, and the title of the Khan is granted to a young Afghan named Taj; who is bent upon taking revenge; at least from the Tank which was responsible for killing his elder brother and father. That tank can't catch up with the rest because its crew stayed behind for some extra fun, and thus it lost its way in the mountains of Afghanistan. Taj is also involved in a Family Feud with Mustapha; but in his quest for revenge he forgets all differences and teams up with him with occasional bickering during his mission. (Click Below on the Image to See how it all Started - File Size: 8.7 MB)

What follows is a non stop race against time to do right what was wronged to him and his tiny village. They are after the Beast; the Tank. The movie dialogs are in Pashto and English; with the Afghans communicating in Pashto and the Russians in English! It would be nice to include all of the scenes from the action right here on this site but that would not be fair because then you will know the complete story. This movie is worth seeing over and over again. The soundtrack matches nicely with the tempo of the movie as well. The movie depicts the senselessness of war and the determination in it. (Movie Available on DVD and VHS as well)

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