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Zarsanga Collection

Publishing Date: Sunday, March 28 2004

Zalobai Tror, now Zarsanga, is a Kuchi singer referred to as the queen of pashto music. She was born in 1946 at Zafar Mamakhel near Lakki Marwat. Her famous songs are mostly folk-songs based on Kakari Gharhi's.

A song from her album 'Chants du Pashtou'.

A song about a small Marwat girl with Qamar Gula - Recording from Radio Kabul in 1960 - with credits to Riaz Ali

We have compiled a very small collection of her songs. The list will grow as we get our hands on more.

Following are some songs sung by Zarsanga with Damsaz Marwat. The poetry is by Jalal Sarhadi.

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