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Haroon Bacha

Publishing Date: Sunday, September 6 2009

Haroon Bacha, from Panjpir in district Swabi, is a versatile singer who has sung many genres of Pashto music. He started his singing career in the late 1990s with the release of his first album Ranguno Makham رنګونو ماښام. Ghunchakuna غنچکونه was his second album. Haroon Bacha has sung mostly from the poetry of Rahmat Shah Sail, Dr. Israr, Ghani Khan, and Aziz Manirwal. Although known as a serious singer, Haroon Bacha has also sang folk songs, especially Tappas. His version of the famous Tappa اول به کله کله غم وو became so popular analysts referred to it as the "rebirth of Tappa".

Here, we present his 2nd album Ghunchakuna غنچکونه:

Following are some Tappa's sung jointly with Ustad Khyal Muhammad in their album Walwala ولوله:

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