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Sunday, August 26 2012

A website dedicated for the rabab students. There are many lessons to choose from, starting with tuning, all the way to notes for famous tunes. . . . Read More

Saturday, July 14 2012

Ghazal master Ustad Khyal Muhammad has attained the status of a living legend. With his heavy and melancholious voice, he has perfected the art of singing Ghazals. We present a few of his popular ghazals and songs. . . . Read More

14 جولائي 2012

رحمان بابا خو څه د تعرف محتاج نه دې۔ داسې به يو پښتون هم نه وي، چه د رحمان بابا نوم نه خبر نه وي۔ دوئي د پښتو ژبې يو ستر صوفي شاعر وو او چه پښتو ادب کښې کوم مقام ته دوئي رسېدلي، بل شاعر هغه پائې ته هم نه رسي۔ . . . نور

دبئي پروګرام، نزير محمد و ملګري
14 جولائي 2012

. . . نور

Ghaarhay o Naaray, Khair Muhammad Khandaan
Saturday, July 14 2012

Khair Muhammad Khandan, born in 1956, is a popular singer from Paro Khel village, roughly 30 km from Khost city. . . . Read More

Tora Balbala, Kamal Gardezi
Wednesday, June 6 2012

Kamal Gardezi is a folk singer from the capital of Paktia province. We present some of his songs which are locally referred to as غريزې سندرې. . . . Read More

خان ګجو، فرهاد علي خاور
20 مئي 2012

د عبدل ولی خان پوهنتون ميډيا څانګې له طرفه د ګجو خان ژوند په حقله دستاوېزي فلم . . . نور

11 مئي 2012

د اپرېل په ۲۸ مه په طورينو کې میشت پښتنو په لومړي ځل يوه کلتوري غونډه وکړه، چې پکې د زده کونکو سره سره په دغه ښار کې میشت نورو پښتنو هم برخه واخیسته. . . . نور

Friday, August 20 2010

Late Kamal Mahsud was a popular folk singer from Waziristan. Unlike most singers, who adopted the "kh" dialect of pashto as default for their songs, Kamal Mahsud kept his songs in the local dialect. . . . Read More

Friday, August 20 2010

Hayat Gardezi is a folk singer from Gardez. He rose to fame from his singing in the program "Hujray Majlis" from Kabul in the 80s. One of his most popular song was Chargul and Sakhi Laila. The tone and style of Sakhi Laila was so unique and catchy that it is copied by many new-age pashto singers. . . . Read More

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