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Makhzan-e Afghani

Author Khwaja Niamatullah


All Names verified according to this source.


Makhzan-e Afghan links him directly with Yusufzai


Makhzan-e Afghani was compiled by one Niamat-Ullah, a historian in the court of Mughal emperor Jahangir. The book accounts the life of Afghan saints, a history of Afghans from Adam to the 16th century, and geneaology tables of the Afghans. However, Makhzan is just a compilation from an earlier work by Haibat Khan of Samana. Haibat Khan patronized Niamatullah's work till its completion. Later, after the the original work was publised as "Tawarikh e Khan Jahan wa Makhzan e Afghan", which consisted of the complete Makhzan, as well as the ommitted text.


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