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Shinwari شنواري 1 2a

Birth Name Shinwari شنواري
Name in Pashto شنواري
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Kasi کانسي
    Brother     Alo Zai الو زئي
    Brother     Ketar کېتر
    Brother     Kubar کوبر
    Brother     Zmaryani ژمرياني
    Brother     Muhammad Zai محمد زئي
         Shinwari شنواري
    Brother     Sam Zai سم زئي
    Brother     Salba سلبه
    Brother     Musalagh مسلغ
    Brother     Salat سلات
    Brother     Hasmar هسمار
    Brother     Sabarwal سبروال


Landi Kotal and Tartara

Source References

  1. Makhzan-e Afghani
  2. Hayat Afghani
      • Page: 248