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Khakhi خاخي

Birth Name Khakhi خاخي
Name in Pashto خاخي
Birth Name Sheikha شېخا 1 2a
Name in Pashto شېخا
Birth Name Khashay خاشې 3a
Name in Pashto خاشې
Birth Name Shakhi شخي 3a
Name in Pashto شخي
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Kand کند
    Brother     Ibrahim Sheikh Ghauri شېخ ابراهيم غوري
         Khakhi خاخي
    Brother     Zahinay زهينې


Unknown Partner Baso بسو

Baso was a concubine

  1. Tarkani ترکاڼي
Unknown Partner Mirjana ميرجانه

Makhzan-e Afghani does not mention Mak and Mand, but directly refers to their offspring Gigiani, Omar, and Yusufzai

  1. Mak مک
  2. Mand مند

Source References

  1. Makhzan-e Afghani
  2. Mian Muhammad Chamkani (PhD Thesis)
      • Page: 405
  3. Hayat Afghani
      • Page: 184
      • Source Reference Note:

        Utman Zai appears as brother of Usman Zai (Makhzan: Manur) in Hayat-e Afghani pp 184