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Sherani شېراني 1 2a

Birth Name Sherani شېراني
Name in Pashto شېراني
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Sharakhbun شرخبون
         Sherani شېراني
    Brother     Tarin ترين
    Brother     Miana مياڼه
    Brother     Briths بړيڅ
    Brother     Amar-ud Din امر الدين


  1. Char چر


Sherani had a feud with Tarin over accession of Maliki, which Sharakhbun wanted to award to his eldest son Tarin. Sharakhbun's wife was a Kakar, and as so Sherani invited his maternal grand-father to intervene, but Kakar was not successful. As a result, Kakar took custody of Sherani to be brought up along his very own sons. And Sharakhbun allowed that because he already had many sons, so if Sherani was not one of them, it did not mean much. Sherani was furious, and from then on, his vowed to rank his offspring as Ghurghashti's rather than Sarbani's.

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