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Ibrahim Lodhi لودهي 1 2

Birth Name Ibrahim Lodhi لودهي
Name in Pashto لودهي
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Shah Hussain شاه حسېن
Mother Bibi Mato بي بی متو
    Brother     Ghil Zai غلزئي
         Ibrahim Lodhi لودهي
    Half-brother     Sarbanni سربڼي (Birth, Stepchild)


Makhzan-e Afghani relates the origin of the name Lodhi as such:

One year, snow and rain fell so abundantly on the hill where Sheikh Baitani resided, that Sheikh Bait Nikka migrated to another place with his entire tribe. When the rain and snow season was over, the tribe migrated back after 4 months. At their home, Shah Hussain said to his wife Mato, "Pronounce the Bismillah, and fetch fire from the hearth!" The lady exclaimed "In the name of God", stretched forth her hand to the fire-place, and found live coals. Sheikh Baitani, upon that said to her daughter, "The children after such a journey are hungry: Bring me baked bread for today I want to distribute it myself, in order to ascertain which of the sons is the most favoured by fortune." When the first loaf was baked, Ibrahim, the son of Bibi Mato, a clever and active youth, brought it to the his grand-father, who then exclaimed, "Ibrahim Loye Day", which signifies, "Ibrahim is the elder". Loye Day in Pashto signifies the elder.


Makhzan further claims, that at some time, the other sons arrived for bread. Lodhi's grand-father Sheikh Bait Nikka directed them to Lodhi, as he had the bread, and prayed for his pre-eminance and dominance. Lodhi distributed the bread equally among the other children, and then ate the remaining bread himself. [Niamatullah]