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Kagh Dowar کاغ دؤړ

Birth Name Kagh Dowar کاغ دؤړ
Name in Pashto کاغ دؤړ
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Garhun ګړون
    Brother     Siti سيتي
    Brother     Warki ورکي
    Brother     Zarkani زرکاني
    Brother     Naib Khel نائب خېل
    Brother     Ghauri Zai غوري زئي
         Kagh Dowar کاغ دؤړ
    Brother     Ourak Zai اورک زئي


  1. Bibi Mahi بی بی ماهي


Makhzan-e Afghani lists Kagh Dawar as the person whom was sent by Bait Nikka to the kingdom of Ghor, in order to ascertain whether Shah Hussain was really a prince or not. Kagh Dawar, on his return confirmed Shah Hussain's statement about his origin. But before he did that, he approached Shah Hussain and in what seems to be blackmail, clearly laid down his intention that he will only speak to Bait Nikka if the prince agrees to marry her own daughter, Bibi Mahi. Shah Hussain agreed, and married both Mahi and Mato.


Confirm the parentage of Kagh Dowar from other sources. Makhzan does not list anywhere information about his parentage.