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Hasan حسن 1

Birth Name Hasan حسن
Name in Pashto حسن
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Mathi Zai ماتي زې
         Hasan حسن


Hasan appears in one of the stories attributed to his father. His father, Sheikh Mati had a "stand-off" with another saint Sheikh Hasan Kasi. Sheikh Mati ordered the earth to open up so that his son Hasan could go down to the depth's and fetch pearls for the Sheikh Hasan Kasi. Upon seeing this miracle, Sheikh Hasan Kasi also desired to do the same. As soon as the earth opened up for him, Sheikh Mati ordered the earth not to allow him through. As a result, Sheikh Hasan Kasi was stuck to his knees. Sheikh Hasan Kasi then subjected himself as his disciple. [Niamatullah]


  1. Mathi Zai ماتي زې
    1. Hasan حسن

Source References

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