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Sheikh Sabit شېخ ثابت 1 2a

Birth Name Sheikh Sabit شېخ ثابت
Name in Pashto شېخ ثابت
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Otagh اوتغ
    Brother     Basuk Zai باسوک زئي
    Brother     Chopan Zai چوپان زي
    Brother     Malhay Zai ملهئي زي
    Brother     Badal Zai بدل زي
         Sheikh Sabit شېخ ثابت
    Brother     Shakar Zai شکر زي


Sheikh Sabit first lived in the village of Bilot. Here, the Barech were continuously vexed by fellow Afghan tribes so he appointed two members of his tribe to search for another place. Finally, the Barech migrated to Shorawak. At Shorawak, the Barech faced three problems; scarcity of water, snakes, and the neighbouring Balochies. As soon as they migrated, the prayers of Sheikh Sabit were all heard of. The Baloch stopped mischief with them, and the snake bites had no effect on them. [Niamatullah]


He was also a disciple of Khwaja Mowdood Chishti. [Niamatullah]


His nemesis was Sheikh Ilyas, who was also a fellow disciple of Khwaja Mowdood Chishti. Sheikh Ilyas was granted an "arrow of evil" by the saint. And Ilyas's repeated efforts to hit Sheikh Sabit with it failed. [Niamatullah]

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