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Sarbanni سربڼي 1

Birth Name Sarbanni سربڼي
Name in Pashto سربڼي
Birth Name Sarvani سرواني 1
Name in Pashto سرواني
Birth Name Sherwani شېرواني
Name in Pashto شېرواني
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Shah Hussain شاه حسېن
Mother Bibi Mahi بی بی ماهي
         Sarbanni سربڼي
Father Shah Hussain شاه حسېن
Stepmother Bibi Mato بي بی متو
    Half-brother     Ghil Zai غلزئي
    Half-brother     Ibrahim Lodhi لودهي
         Sarbanni سربڼي (Birth, Stepchild)


Sarbanni, was brought up and educated in the same household as with his step-brothers Ghilzai and Lodhi.


Sarbani son of Shah Hussain (and Bibi Mahi) descendants' in current times are not known. There are no current Khel's or tribes that attribute themselves to Sarbani. A few recent claims that have been made cannot be verified according to historical books.

Source References

  1. Makhzan-e Afghani