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Omar عمر 1 2a

Birth Name Omar عمر
Name in Pashto عمر
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Mand مند
         Omar عمر
    Brother     Yusuf Zai يوسف زي


Unknown Partner
  1. Mandarh مندڼ


His offspring Mandan are also regarded as Yusufzai because he married his uncle Yusufzai's daughter.


Makhzan-e Afghani links Omar directly with Sheikha, bypassing Mand

Source References

  1. Makhzan-e Afghani
  2. Hayat Afghani
      • Page: 184
      • Source Reference Note:

        Utman Zai appears as brother of Usman Zai (Makhzan: Manur) in Hayat-e Afghani pp 184