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Kajin کاجن 1 2a

Birth Name Kajin کاجن
Name in Pashto کاجن
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bet Sheikh شېخ بېټ نيکه
    Brother     Sheikh Ismail Sarbani شېخ اسماعيل سرباني
    Sister     Sardani سرداني
    Brother     Sur سور
    Brother     Tari تري
    Brother     Ahmad Zai احمد زئي
    Brother     Bakhtiar بختيار
    Brother     Kharoti خروټي
    Brother     Nasar ناصر
    Brother     Suleiman Khel سلېمان خېل
    Sister     Bibi Mato بي بی متو
         Kajin کاجن
    Brother     Anit Mayun انيت مايون
    Brother     Warshpun ورشپون


Sarban had approached his brother Sheikh Batt for supplication of a son. Bait offered his youngest son, Kajin. However, Kajin ran away from Sarban back to Bait. Sarban approached again. Bait wanted to hand Kajin back, but Kajin, being young, clung to his mother and cried. Upon which, Bait handed over his eldest son Ismail to Sarban.

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