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This page contains an index of all the places in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a place’s title will take you to that place’s page.

Letter Name State Country Latitude Longitude
B Barikot     34°40'35.00"N 72°13'19.00"E
D Delhi   India 28°38'07.11"N 77°13'29.86"E
  Deri Alladand   Pakistan 34°36'30.00"N 72°01'16.00"E
H Hyderabad Deccan   India    
I Islamabad   Pakistan    
K Kabul   Afghanistan    
  Kandahar   Afghanistan    
  Koh Suleiman     30°30'00.00"N 70°10'00.00"E
L Lahore   Pakistan    
  Lajbok     34°57'34.00"N 71°54'03.00"E
  Lodhi Gardens   India 28°35'29.40"N 77°13'07.32"E
M Multan   Pakistan    
N Nangarhar   Afghanistan    
  Nayag Darra        
P Palai   Pakistan 34°30'41.00"N 72°04'51.00"E
  Panipat   India 29°23'45.74"N 77°01'14.96"E
S Shah Mansoor Swabi Pakistan 34°04'00.00"N 72°27'00.00"E
T Thana   Pakistan 34°38'07.00"N 72°04'27.00"E
  Toru Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan 34°09'00.00"N 72°06'00.00"E
Z Zhob   Pakistan 31°21'00.00"N 69°27'00.00"E