The Marwats

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The Marwats, Sher Muhammad Mohmand
Published in Khyber.ORG on Thursday, January 22 2015 (

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The Marwats

Sher Muhammad Mohmand

Publishing Date: Thursday, January 22 2015

A reference book on the "Marwat" tribe, written by Sher Muhammad Mohmand has been uploaded. The book was first published in July of 1999 whence the author was serving as a Deputy Commissioner of Chitral.

The book contains a foreword by Rustam Shah Mohmand, then Chief-Secretary, Govt. of N-W.F.P, and prologue by Abdur Rahim Majzoob

Some contents are as under:

  1. Pathans in retrospect
  2. Marwats
  3. Possession of Lakki Thall by Marwats
  4. The Etiology and the Tehsil itself
  5. Genesis of Gunds
  6. Marwat Feuds and Wars
  7. Leading Tribes; Begu Khel, Esak Khel, Ghazni Khel, Mirza Khel, Mamo Khel
  8. Customs and Festivals
  9. Superstitions
  10. Sports
  11. Literature and War Ballads
  12. Khan Habibullah Khan Mina Khel as a poet
  13. Amorous Marwats
  14. Agriculture and Khula Vesh system
  15. Old and New Lakki Marwat
  16. Kegday
  17. SDMS of Lakki Marwat

The book has been scanned using a mobile software so we apologize for the bad scan quality. Click on the image below to download in PDF format (file size: 20 MB)

Lastly, some scanned photographs from the book in grey-scale are shown separately below:

Anwar Kamal Khan Mina Khel

Ataullah Khan Mina Khel

Dr. Fazal Rahim Marwat

Khan Habibullah Khan Mina Khel

Haji Mirbaz Khan Maidad Khel; Khan of Spin Gund

Humayun Saifullah Khan Ghazni Khel

Mashal Khan Begu Khel

Nawab Muzaffar Khan

Raza Khan Mama Khel

Sahibdad Khan; Raees Isak Khel

Salim Saifullah Khan Ghazni Khel

Sardar Khan Marwat

Yusuf Khan Isak Khel


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The Marwats, Sher Muhammad Mohmand
Published in Khyber.ORG on Thursday, January 22 2015 (