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Friday, April 10 2015

The Tareens are Saraban Afghans, the descendents of Tareen, son of Sharaf-ud-din, son of Ibrahim, son of Qais Abdul Rashid. According to tradition, Tareens had four sons - Spin Tarin, Tor Tarin, Zhar Tarin and Bor Tarin. . . . Read More

Friday, April 10 2015

The history of the Barozais dates from about 1470 when Baru Khan, the founder of the Barozais, ingratiated himself with the Mizri Kakars who were then in possession of Dadhar and married the daughter of the chief. On the decay of the Arghun rule, the Pannis increased in power and importance, and about 1570 -1575 are found as being in possession of the Sibi fort and district . . . Read More

Thursday, April 9 2015

The descent of Jadoon Afghans, called Gadoons by the tribes about Peshawer, who change the original letter 'jz' into 'g', is well known to those well acquainted with the genealogy of Pushtannah or Afghan nation, and who do not seek to produce them out of Hindus.They are descended from Jzadun, son of parnaey, and brother of Kakar, the two latter being sons of Danaey, son of Ghurghast, son of Qais Abdul Rashid . Jadoon was one of the 18 sons of Pannaey. . . . Read More

پښتنی قبيلې، عبداللطيف طالبی
29 مارچ 2015

د پښتنو ۱۹۰ قبائلو باندې ليکل شوی يو مهم کتاب . . . نور

Wednesday, March 4 2015

Brief account of the medieval history of Niazi Afghans . . . Read More

Monday, March 2 2015

Zarkuns are offshoots of Pannis. In late 16th century , they occupied Kohlu, Mamand Khan Kot, Gamboli and the neighboring hills under their Sardar Firoz Khan. . . . Read More

Naghar, Khan Barmazid
Monday, March 2 2015

Naghars are Ghurghast Afghans being descended from Naghar, one of the four sons of Danai, son of Ismael, nicknamed Gurghast and so akin to Kakar, Dawai and Parnai.They once held all the hill country from near Nigaha or Sakhi sarwar pass to the south comprsising the Southern parts of the Koh-i-Siyah or Suleiman range, where it trends to the west and is much mixed up with lower ranges of Koh-i-Surkh or red range. . . . Read More

Khajjak, Khan Barmazid
Friday, February 27 2015

"Balochan-i-Marri bar koh minazand, wa mardumi Khajjak dar maidani goi shujaat mi rubayand" Translated from Persian in English language the- proverb will read as follows - "Marri Baloch are proud of their mountains whereas Khajjaks are proud of their bravery in the plain area. . . . Read More


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  2. Ghauria Khel Tree (English) (پشتو)
  3. Qais Abdur Rashid (English) (پشتو)

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ߦ Abdalis and Ahmad Shah Baba
ߦ C.M. Kieffer., Afridi : Iranica
ߦ منشي احمد جان., افريديان
ߦ Afridis
ߦ C.M. Kieffer., Ahmadzai: Iranica
ߦ Alakozai
ߦ Ali Sherzai


ߦ Daniel Balland., Babori : Iranica
ߦ منشي احمد جان., بنګښ
ߦ Daniel Balland., Bangash : Iranica
ߦ Bannuchis: Various Excerpts
ߦ Daniel Balland., Barakzai : Iranica
ߦ Daniel Balland., Bareq : Iranica
ߦ Daniel Balland., Bettani : Iranica
ߦ Bangash in Kohat Gazzetteer


ߦ Chamkani


ߦ Dawar's, An Account Of
ߦ Daniel Balland., Dolat Khel : Iranica
ߦ Daniel Balland., Dolat Zai : Iranica
ߦ Daniel Balland., Dotani : Iranica



ߦ Edmund Bosworth., Ghaurid Dynasty
ߦ Edmund Bosworth., Ghaznavids
ߦ Abubakr Asadulla., Ghilzai Afghans
ߦ Ghilzai Ethnologue
ߦ Muhammad Jamil Hanifi., Ghilzai : Iranica
ߦ Gorbaz, a Small Note
ߦ V. Minorsky., Khalaj West of the Oxus
ߦ Abdul Hai Habibi., Khaljies are Afghan
ߦ Ghilzi: Tribes of the Kurram




ߦ Omar Usman., Karlani Tribes: A Note on their Origin
ߦ Khan Barmazid., Khajjak
ߦ منشي احمد جان., خليل
ߦ Kharoti, a Short Note
ߦ منشي احمد جان., خټک
ߦ Anas Parvez Kheshki., Kheshki
ߦ Khattak in Kohat Gazzetteer



ߦ Khan Barmazid., Eary history of Marwats
ߦ منشي احمد جان., محسود
ߦ Mahsuds, a Small Note
ߦ م۔ج۔ سيال مومند., مروت
ߦ Michan Khel
ߦ منشي احمد جان., موهمند
ߦ منشي احمد جان., محمد زئي
ߦ Sher Muhammad Mohmand., The Marwats
ߦ ډاکټر چراغ حسېن شاه., ضحاک تازي، د متي پښتنو نيکه
ߦ Marwats: Tribes and Castes of Bannu
ߦ Marwats: History in Bannu Gazzetteer
ߦ Marwats: Leading Families of Bannu
ߦ Mangal: Tribes of Kurram
ߦ Maqbal: Tribes of Kurram
ߦ Masuzai: Tribes of Kurram


ߦ Khan Barmazid., Early history of Niazi tribe
ߦ Khan Barmazid., Naghar
ߦ Niazi, Gazzetteer of Bannu



ߦ Khan Barmazid., Prangi




ߦ F S Shilmani., Shilmani
ߦ Azmaray Afghan., Swati


ߦ Tareen or Tarin
ߦ Ishrat Hussain., Turi
ߦ منشي احمد جان., توري
ߦ Turi: Tribes of Kurram



ߦ Yusufzai, a Note on
ߦ منشي احمد جان., يوسفزي


ߦ Zarkun