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Bibliography of Research Work Featured on Khyber.ORG

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Papers 16-20

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Papers 21-25

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Papers 26-30

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Papers 31-35

Following are Excerpts from various chapters of "Gazetteer of the Bannu District" published first in 1887.

  1. Geography of Bannu
  2. History & Settlement of Bannu
  3. Social & Religious Life in Bannu
  4. Tribes & Castes in Bannu
  5. Leading Families of Bannu

Papers 36-40

Following are Excerpts from various chapters of "Gazetteer of the Kohat District" published first in 1883-84.

  1. General Description & Geography of the District
  2. History of the District
  3. Social & Religious Life in Kohat
  4. Castes, Tribes & Leading Families in Kohat
  5. Relations of Kohat with Bordering Tribes

Papers 41-45

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Papers 46-50

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