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June 2005

The Gomal River, Shah Mahmood Hanifi
Wednesday, June 1 2005

Gomal, the southernmost district of Paktia, covers an area of 1,850 square miles. In the late 19th century, it included about sixty villages, six of which had more than 500 inhabitants. Estimates of its settled rural population then ranged from 10,300 to 16,800. . . . Read More

Wednesday, June 1 2005

Charsadda is 30 km (17 Miles) North East of Peshawar. It is potentially one of the most important ancient sites of Asia; representing a group of imposing mounds in the area. It is situated in a productive and well-watered Peshawar plain, with its enormous working buffalo and the unique sight of tropical sugar cane & cold climate sugar beet growing side by side. . . . Read More

Wednesday, June 1 2005

The historic town of Chakdarra in Dir District lies on the ancient route from Central Asia to India on the bank of Swat River. It is about 130 kilometers from Peshawar and 48 kilometers from Saidu Sharif. As far as the origin of the name is concerned, Dr A. H. Dani opines that it could be "Chakradhara" the wielder of wheel, which is one of names of Hindi God Vishnu. Some scholars say that the name could have been coined from the "Chakas", a local tribe that dwelt here. . . . Read More