Replica Factories of Darra Adam Khel

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Replica Factories of Darra Adam Khel, Omar Afridi
Published in Khyber.ORG on Monday, February 16 2009 (

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Replica Factories of Darra Adam Khel

Omar Afridi

Publishing Date: Monday, February 16 2009

Located in between Kohat and Peshawar, Darra is famous for manufacturing and sale of local made weapons. The skilled craftsmen of Darra are able to manufacture exact replicas of any kind of gun in the world. 70% of the craftsmen are not locals. Drugs and fake documents are also available here.

دیسی طریقہ
Ordinary Tools are Used

Father to Son

The skills of these craftsmen are passed down from father to son. A Good craftsman in Darra can earn 10-15,000 and an ordinary one can earn 3-5,000 rupees. But due to the ban on issuance of licenses the trade has slowed down. Even the arms dealers in the cities buy stocks after ordering them first.

A Skilled Worker

Magic of the Eye

These craftsmen gain experience in manufacturing different parts of weapons. With their experience, they can analyse the parts and sizes of a new weapon after simply looking at it. Many types of Pistols, Revolvers, Double Barrelled and Single Barrelled weapons are manufactured here.

لوہے کا ٹکڑا
You Made Iron, I made a Pistol

A Replica is After All a Replica

Craftsmen say that Iron made in Pakistan Steel Mills is suitable for weapon manufacturing. But experts say that however good Iron may be, a replica is still a replica. Illegal weapons are delivered to various cities in the country in a unique way. A third person usually makes the delivery after accepting a reasonable amount of money.

A Mekarob Pistol

A Small Weapon

Mekarob Pistols are in demand here because due to their small size and compactness, it can be hidden very easily.

These People Really Sit on Top of Mounds of Gunpowder

On a Mount of Gunpowder

Cartridges are filled with Gun Powder in order to make them usable. Although the performance of these cartridges are not up to standard, nevertheless they still do the job.

اسلحہ کی دکان
What do you Want?

Light Weapons

While the craftsmen are outsiders, their sale is in the hands of local tribesmen. All members of a household give a helping hand in the business. In the shops, every kind of light weapons are available for sale. However, sale of heavy weapons is forbidden.

Rocket Launchers and its Rockets at Dirt Cheap Prices

Heavy Weapons:

Although there is a ban on sale of heavy weapons in Darra, they are easily available at Tirah in Khyber and Sadda in Kurram Agency.

The Bejewelled Tribesmen of Tirah

The Demand of Weapons

Weapons manufactured in Darra are in high demand not only locally but throughout the country. The weapons are considered an ornament for men and is regarded as a part of attire. This is the reason that a household stove may be kept cold, but the barrel of the gun is kept warm.

In an absence of any security agency, the local people take the task of protecting themselves on their own and thus obviously there is demand for weapons. The gun is regarded as the 'fifth religion' of man over here.


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Replica Factories of Darra Adam Khel, Omar Afridi
Published in Khyber.ORG on Monday, February 16 2009 (