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Forts of Pashtunkhwa

Publishing Date: Thursday, August 2 2007

Fort Edwardes, Bannu

Located in cantonment area of Bannu close to the Helipad (formerly known as polo ground) and Garrison Hall.

Chakdarra Fort

Currently serves as the academy for the Chitral Scouts. The fort lies just on the banks of River Swat on higher ground which is surrounded by high walls. The fort is overlooked by the famous Churchill's Picquet. The fort has been home to the following units:

  • 54 Frontier 1895-1909
  • 52 Sikeh 1909-1910
  • 2/28 1920-1921
  • Royal Gurkha 1924-1926
  • 117 Royal Marhattas
  • Hyderabad Regiment (2ND)
  • Punjab Regiment 1952
  • RIG Tor Guls contingent
  • Dir Scouts Headquarter 1970-1978
  • Chitral Scouts 1978
Chitral Fort

Is the famous fort from the famed siege of Chitral in the march of 1895. An account of this siege is available here. The fort is beautifully placed along the banks of the Chitral River and is surrounded by a walled garden compound.

Drosh Fort; Chitral

Drosh fort in Chitral is perched on a cliff above the chitral river. Drosh is the most important town in lower chitral. During the chitral siege, Drosh fort was the only fort which was captured by Umra Khan of Jandol without a fight.

Jamrud Fort; Khyber Agency

Is located at the entrance of the Khyber Pass and was built by the Sikhs in 1823. The fort is famous for the battle of Jamrud, in which the local tribes aligned with the Durranis killed the famed Sikh commander Hari Singh Nalwa.

Malakand Fort

Is one of the three main forts constructed by the British in Malakand agency, the other being Chakdarra and Dargai forts. These forts were staging points in the revolt of 1897.

Miranshah Fort; North Waziristan

House of Tochi Scouts raised in June 1900 by Captain A. Ferguson Davie at Idak, the fort became the HQs of the corps when power was transferred here in 1904. At the time of its raising, the militia consisted of 50 mounted infantry and 800 infantry.

Sarokai Fort

Located in South Waziristan.

Shagai Fort; Khyber Agency

Constructed by the British in 1920's, the Shagai fort is currently home to the Khyber Rifles.

Thal Fort

Located in the lesser populated regions south of Thal close to Gumbad mosque and FG public school. The fort serves as the head quarters of the Thall scouts.

Wana Fort; South Waziristan
Ladha Fort; South Waziristan

Located almost half-way between Makin and Kaniguram in the Saam region is Ladha Fort. The fort has been almost completely destroyed in fighting between Pakistan army and the Taleban. Till 2008, it was home to the FC.

Monument commemorating Sikh stand-off against locals; Upper Hangu

The inscription on the monument mentions the names of the 20 Sikhs who were killed while garrisoned in a little-known fort named Saragarhi Fort. Saragarhi is a stone blockhouse situated midway along the 5 miles long Samana ridge (which divides the Kurram and the Kankai valleys). The fort served as a signalling station between Fort Lockhart on the eastern edge and Fort Cavagnari (or Gulistan Fort) on the west. All these forts are now under control of the army after Samana had been declared an army cantonment.

Kohat Fort

In use by the Frontier Constabulary, the Kohat fort is located just adjacent to the Footbal ground and Liaqat Memorial Hospital.


Abdul Hameed Marwat, Safdar Khan Shinwari, Faisal Khan Bangash, Abdul Wahab Burki

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