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Shuja ul Mulk, Syed Bokhar Shah
Published in Khyber.ORG on Friday, September 16 2005 (

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Shuja ul Mulk

Syed Bokhar Shah

Publishing Date: Friday, September 16 2005

Stood From: NA-9 (Mardan I)

Party: Muttahida Majlis e Amal

Address (Mardan):
Toru Road, Jamia Uloom e Shariat, Muhalla Afzal Khan Baba
Post Office Box Sowaryan, District Mardan
Phone: 60182

Address (Islamabad):
J-207, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad
Phone: 9221807

Bearing simple countenance and eliciting approbation on first look, the young bearded MNA, Shuja ul Mulk in his long overcoat, Chitrali cap and a woolen Chadar, was receiving warmly each and every guest, who was coming to congratulate him on the second day of Eid ul Fitr.

Elders, Ulema and senior villagers were sitting inside the two rooms while dozens others in the veranda of his Hujra including his younger supporters were busy entertaining guests with tea and sweets while some others were laying cots and chairs for the incoming guests.

Though majority of the visitors and supporters were from the nearby villages and students of the religious institutions but the presence of the latest and luxurious vehicles parked alongside the Hujra walls showed that many of them were high ranking government officials and members of the well to do families. The latest model vehicles and motorcycle rickshaws had been parked alongside the Hujra wall to make space for the bull carts and commoners to pass at ease in front of the Hujra, adjacent to his madrassa, situated at the center of his village, Swarian in district Mardan.

Hailing from a middle class family, Shuja ul Mulk was born in 1968 at Swarian. He completed his B.Com from Mardan College and got Wafaqul Madaris Degree in 1992. During his college days, he was activist of Pakhtun Students Federation but later he joined Jamiat Ulema e Islam (Fazl) and was elected as general secretary for Mardan. After qualifying Wafaqul Madaris from Multan board, he obtained basic education from Qazi Mohammad Amin in a village of district Swabi, Lahor, and later qualified fourth class from Darul Uloom Sarhad. For another one year, he got education from Maulana Mohammad Ahmad in Shergarh. He was one of the best students during his Daura e Tafseer which he obtained from Qazi Fazlullah Swabiwal and completed his education from Imdadul Uloom, Peshawar, from Maulana Hassan Jan.

Later he continued as Mudaris in Darul Iqra in Namak Mandi, Peshawar. The local Taleban still remember how a good part of his meager monthly salary of Rs 1600 would go to the Taleban of the madrassa.

His villagers remember a particular season when he had earned Rs 80,000 from vegetable crop and being elected general secretary in 1998. After that he took the task to reorganize the party at district level.

Endowed with the quality of oratory, the young MNA was able to bring out large processions and organized meetings in protest against US attacks on Afghanistan. His fiery speeches and good humor proved handy in winning the hearts of his voters, who would come from far flung areas to attend his meetings. During his election campaign, it was a common joke of his supporters with their opponents, "to listen to him at least, before casting their vote". He would bring out procession on every Friday from a Chowk in Hoti to Pakistan Square in Mardan.

Shuja ul Mulk and the newly elected provincial minister, Akhtar Ali, were arrested for a month when they insisted to take the processions to its destination against the government directives. Both the JUI (F) leaders continued their protest meetings and processions inside jails. Later, the jail inmates said that on their release all the prisoners were in tears.

Having more than 480 canal ancestral agricultural land, the other two brothers of Shuja ul Mulk Jalil, is a paramedic in one of the government hospitals while the other Malki Aman is a nursing sepoy in the army.

Shuja ul Mulk was considered one of the sure winning candidates of Muttahida Majlis e Amal (MMA) when fielded on NA-9, Mardan-I, against his influential independent candidate, Abbas Sarfaraz Khan, nephew of former NWFP chief minister, Mir Afzal Khan and former federal minister of General Musharraf's cabinet, and joint nominee of the two major political parties, ANP and PPPP, Murad Khan, who had been winning this seat in the past. Majority of the rural as well as urban population irrespective of their parties affiliations had been openly expressing their views to cast their National Assembly vote for Kitab and the provincial assembly to their parties. He was very much popular among the workers of the Tableeghi Jamat, as their workers were considering them as one of their activist as he had spent a Chila (40 days) before joining politics.

Popularly known as Ustad Jee and Ameer Saib, Shuja ul Mulk polled 55,000 votes while his opponent, Abbas Sarfaraz Khan obtained 15,000 and the joint ANP-PPPP nominee, Murad Khan grabbed 5,000 votes. His popularity and respect could be judged from the statement of his opponents complaining most of their electorates did not vote for them despite grabbing huge money and other facilities on and before the Election Day.

Terming his success as victory of Islamic loving people, Shuja ul Mulk said he would work for the enforcement of Shariah, ensuring justice to common people by introducing simplicity and ameliorating the lot of the poor. The carrying out of development work, he said, was the right of people and the elected representatives should not cash it for their political gains. He said that people could not be deceived forever and their representatives would have to be practical for solution to their problems.


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Shuja ul Mulk, Syed Bokhar Shah
Published in Khyber.ORG on Friday, September 16 2005 (