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Naz o Ana, Mohammad Osman Mohmand
Published in Khyber.ORG on Friday, September 16 2005 (

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Naz o Ana

Mohammad Osman Mohmand

Publishing Date: Friday, September 16 2005

One of the most distinguished and prestigious woman in the Afghan history is Nazo Tukhi, better known as Nazo Anaa. Nazo Anaa was born in 1061 A.H. (1682 A.D.), in Tazi, an area located between Kandahar and Kalat. She was the daughter of Sultan Malkhi Tukhi, an independent chief of the varies tribes and clans stretching form Ghazni to Jaldika. She was married to Khalim Khan Hotak. Nazo Anaa had four sons, Abdul Kader Khan, Abdul Aziz Khan, Yahya Khan and the eldest Mirwais Khan, better know as Mirwais Neekah, one of the greatest ruler in the Afghan history.

Nazo Anaa was a great intellectual and a poet. She started her education in her early childhood, and soon at this early age stunned her teachers and the elders of the her tribe with her cognizance and charisma. She grew up to be one the best known and respectable woman of her time and in Afghan history. She gained a remarkable prestige for her knowledge, affection, generosity, and hospitality among the people. The tales of her generosity and hospitality were known form Khyber to Kohshon (in present day Iran). She used to treat hundreds of lodgers, especially in the winter time, giving them food, cloths, and a place to sleep in her castle. Nazo Anaa was also a courageous lady, and has left many stories of her heroinism, the famous of which was when her father died in a battle near Soor Ghar (red mountain), and her brother Hajji Addel Tukhi left to avenge their father. Nazo Anaa was left to the defence of the castle and the village. She dressed like a worrier and fought against the enemy to their defeat.

Nazo Anaa was sensible, sharp-witted, resolute woman with a noble soul. She took great stride to educate and discipline her children in the Islamic way of life. From the start, her nobility was expressed in her feeding her babies while in udhu (abolition). She took exceptional care in the education of Mirwais Khan, after an oracle from Sheikh Beet Neekah, writer, thinker and leader of tenth century Afghanistan, in her sleep, in the days when Mirwais Khan was born. She was told to "educate her son well, for that he will grow up to be a leader who will perform great service for his people, go to the house of God, and from will bore a magnificent dynasty that will lighten the people with Islam."

Nazo Anaa's intellect and love for Islam is best reveled by her poems. She has written many poems in praise of Allah. She had a Dewaan (a complete poem book) which contained a total of two thousands couplets. Here is one of her couplet:

it was dawn and branches of narcissus sopping
trickle from its eyes they were dropping
I said beauty what, why you crying
it said my life is but one big smile

[Naz o Ana's Poetry]

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Naz o Ana, Mohammad Osman Mohmand
Published in Khyber.ORG on Friday, September 16 2005 (