Bostan Khan Tarin

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Bostan Khan Tarin, Muhammad Shafi Sabir
Published in Khyber.ORG on Friday, September 16 2005 (

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Bostan Khan Tarin

Muhammad Shafi Sabir

Tazkara Sarfaroshan e Sarhad

Publishing Date: Friday, September 16 2005

In the absence of Sardar Muhammad Khan Tareen, his nephew Bostan Khan Tareen had taken charge of important affairs in Haripur and its surrounding areas. Maharaja Ranjid Singh had granted a large estate to Bostan Khan Tarin as well as financial aid. Due to this, Sardar Mahan Singh could not dictate to Bostan Khan. But he was nevertheless looking for an opportunity to get rid of Bostan.

Being an important personality, he had entered a series of treaties and agreements with the Sikhs. The Sikhs never stuck to their promises and time and again, Bostan Khan Tarin felt that doing business with the Sikhs would damage his own reputation; for he was also answerable to his community. On one occasion, he was humiliated by Mahan Singh and that was a turning point. Bostan Khan parted ways with the Sikhs. He called for Maliks and Ulema of the Mashwani, Said Khani and other tribes and together, they decided to wage Jehad against the Sikhs because they were not capable of ruling in a just and fair manner.

Within days, this newly formed Lashkar laid siege to the Sikh Fort at Srikot. The Sikhs realized that they will run out of food, water and other basic amenities. They rushed forward messengers to the Sikh Leadership asking for help. Luckily for them, a Sikh Regiment under the supervision of a French General Dante Aura was camped at Hasan Abdal; on their way to Peshawar on a military mission. Sardar Mahan Singh had to do a lot of pleading before the French General to help remove the siege of their fort before proceeding towards Peshawar. Finally, Dante agreed.

The French General came to Hazara and studied the situation. He concluded that the poor and hapless people of Hazara would not have dared stage this uprising because due to constant persecution, they were living lives overshadowed with fear. This uprising was probably the handiwork of the Chieftains of the surrounding tribes. Hence he immediately had most of these chieftains arrested and imprisoned at Haripur Fort. They included Sardar Bostan Khan Tarin from Jagal, Jalal Khan Dalazak from Serai Saleh, Raja Hashem Khan from Mankraye and Sakhi Jan Jadoon from Nawa Shehr. With their arrests, the Mujahideen were demoralized and as a result, their siege of Srikot Fort and other important areas broke apart. Hence the resistance died out.

Dante Aura then left for Peshawar via Ghazi and Tarbela but this enemy of Islam had already instructed Sardar Mahan Singh on how to deal with the prisoners. On charges of treason, Sardar Bostan Khan Tarin, Jalal Khan Dalazak, Sakhi Jan Jadoon, Painda Khan Talokar, Sher Muhammad Biradar, Saleh Muhammad and Salim Shah Mashwani were found guilty and they were martyred by gunfire the very next day.


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Bostan Khan Tarin, Muhammad Shafi Sabir
Published in Khyber.ORG on Friday, September 16 2005 (