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Family Tree of the Wazir's

Most of the Waziris settled in this district occupy grants of land in and upon the borders of the thal, which intervenes between the hills and the fertile centre of the Bannu valley. Before the establishment of British rule, the tribe was entirely nomadic in its habits, depending chiefly for support upon its flocks and herds. They had indeed begun in an intermittent way to encroach upon the Bannuchi lands, but none of them, prior to the annexation, had permanently settled below the hills..... Read More (Also see Waziri Clans in Same Document)

The fourth and last great wave of colonists from the west was that of the Darwesh Khel Wazirs. The tribe is divided into two great sections, the Utmanzai's and the Ahmadzai's, and has for many centuries occupied the hills between Thal in Miranzai, and the Gabar mountain. Until about one hundred years ago their camps only descended occasionally into the plain during the cold season, and always clung to the mouths of the passes leading up into their hills.... Read More

The historians believe that Wazir was descended from Suleiman; a famous Pakhtun Sardar. Suleiman had a son Wazir. Wazir had two sons one was Khadre & the other was Lale. Khadre had three sons the first was Moosa, second was Mahmood & the third was Mubarak. Moosa is also called Dervish which was his title.... Read More

منشي احمد جان صاحب :: د دې قام اصلي وطن په افغانستان کښ يو بيرمل نوم ملک وۀ. د څوارلسمې صدې په آخر کښ دې قام نمر خاته طرف ته ښپه اوږده کړه او د شوال نه او د ټوچې قطب ته د کوهاټ سرحد نه ئې خټک وويستل. بيا څه مده پس ئې د شوېدر ګير چاپيره کانړيزه علاقه باندې او عن تر ګومل پورې په ټول ملک باندې ئې قبضه وکړه. اګرکه درويش خيل او محسود يو اصل دې چه ډيره زمانه راسې ئې په خپلو کښ دښمني راغلې ده او د دوئ په عادتونواو خوئي بوئي کښ ډير فرق دې. د درويش خيلو دوه تپې دي: اتمان زي او احمد زي. اتمان زي په ټوچې کښ او د ټوچي ګير چاپير غرونو... نور