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Excerpts from Tribes of the Kurram Valley ....Read More

Turi are a Pashtun tribe on the Kohat border of the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. The Turis inhabit the Kurram Valley, which adjoins the western end of the Miranzai Valley. They speak Pashto and ranking as Pashtun, they are by origin a Turki tribe, of the Shiah sect, who subjected the Bangash Afghans some time early in the eighteenth century. They are strong, hardy, and courageous, and are rated horsemen. ....Read More

پښتانۀ پيړې وهونکي وائي چه توري او جاجيان پښتانۀ دي. ليکن اصل کښ داسې ښکاري چه دوئ د ترکو نسل نه دي. او هغوئي پخپله هم دا وائي چه مونږ د توغاني ترک اولاد يو چه د ايران نه... نور