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Family Tree of the Marwat

مروت خلق په سپين لواڼي مشهور دۍ. په اوله کښۍ دا خلق په کټواز پراته وو، خو وروسته يې له سليمان خيلو سره بدې راغله او دوۍ ته را پاڅيدل او اوس په هغه ځمکه سليمان خيل پراته دۍ. ويلۍ شي چې د اّزاد خان سلطان خيل د کاله نه يو سړي ښځه و تښتوله او مروتو ته يې پناه وروړه او دا واقعه څلور سوم هجرۍ پيرۍ پيښه ښودلۍ شې. سليمان خيلو دا مجرمان غوښتل او مروتو پرې ننګ وکړو او نه يې ورکول او نتيجه يې..... نور

They are a simple, slow-witted people, and contrast, in all that is manly, most favourably with the Bannuchis. They are strongly attached to their homes, and very averse to travel or to service out of their own country. As the climatic influence due to canal irrigation and marshes has effected the Bannuchis to their detriment, so here, a sandy soil and dry air has had an opposite result on the Marwats, for hard fare and poverty notwithstanding, they are healthy, happy and light hearted..... Read More

Closely following on the Niazais came, as already stated, the Marwat immigration. Driven from Shalgarh, they too had first settled in Tank alongside of their Niazai brethren. Both clans acknowledge Lodi as their common progenitor, and whilst in Tank there was amity between them. Time went on, and the Niazais spread into Marwat, then a nameless sandy plain.... Read More

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