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Kharoti's live around Kohistan and in the land from Koh e Suleiman to Birmal. Kharoti is a sub-tribe of the Ghilzai's. They have a long tribal rivalry with the Wazirs and the Nusairs over land they dispute to be theirs. Some of the important khels (sections) of the Kharoti are the Zako Khel, Ya Khel, Adya Khel, Amand, Shamo Khel, Suleiman Zai, Khadar Khel, Zobi Khel and the Kharmo Zai. Some well known people from the Kharoti are Gulbadin Hekmatyar, former Afghan president Hafizullah Amin & Ghulam Sarwar Nashir (president Spinzar Cotton company & founder of Nasher Art Gallery). The famous Gomal River also has one of its main headwater spring near Baba Karkol in Katwaz; an area predominated by Kharoti and Suleiman Khel's. .