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Family Tree of the Ghilzai's

Excerpts from Tribes of the Kurram Valley ....Read More

Ghilji or Ghilzai are one of the most famous tribes of Afghanistan. They are a large and widespread Afghan tribe, occupying the high plateaus north of Qandahar (Qalat-e-Ghilzai) and extending eastwards towards the Suleiman Mountains, westwards towards the Gul Koh range, and the North of the Kabul River. They were in power in Afghanistan at the beginning of the 18th Century and for a time even possessed the throne of Isfahan (Persia)... Read More

Ghilzi or Ghilzai (Pashto plural of singular masculine Ghilzai and singuler feminine Ghilzayi) are one of three major Pashtun tribal confederations in Afghanistan. The other two are the Durrani, formerly the Abdali, in western Afghanistan and the Karlani, who straddle the border between Afghanistan and the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan... Read More

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