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Family Tree of the Dawarh's

Dawar is the second largest tribe in North Waziristan. It is located along the both sides of River Tochi in Plane area from Ghalmi to Darra Shinki. The area in which they are living is beautiful fully cultivatable. Its territory (Land) is fertile & beatiful. Dawar's tribe does not migrate in summer like Wazir's tribe. Dawar located in the eastern side of Darra Tall (Tochi) is called lower Dawar or Eastern Dawar; while Dawar living in the western side of the Darra Tall is called upper Dawar or Western Dawar.

In 1895 before boundary commission this area was under the govt of Afghanistan. The old RIVAIT shows that Dawar is the son of famous Ghouar king Shah Hussein. Shah Hussein had two sons the first was Sarwan & the second was Dawar Khan. Actually Dawar is not from Dawar Khan; In 13th century, when the sons of Shah Hussain conqured the state of Delhi, then the territory of D.I Khan, DG Khan, Spin, Zarmilan, Wana, Waziristan & Lahore became the part of Dawar Khan's state. Dawar is divided in two main groups:

  1. Milli Zad (Spin Gond)
    1. Hassu Khel
    2. Mussaki
    3. Hurmaz
    4. Ziriki
    5. Woozimumadi
    6. Khaddi
    7. Idak
    8. Mubarak Shah
    9. Akim Khel
    10. Arghond
    11. Darpa Khel
    12. Ghamzoni
    13. Malkh
  2. Tappi Zad (Toor Goond)
    1. Haider Khel
    2. Ipi
    3. Isori
    4. Dawlat Khel
    5. Baro Khel
    6. Tappi
    7. Miran Shah
    8. Boya

Generally Darra Tochi of Waziristan having pleasant climate just like BAHIRA Room. Due to this reason many types of fruits can be planted. Dates of Haider Khel, Grapes of Tappi & ALO BUKHARA of Hamzoni is famous in all over Pakistan & supplied to every part of Pakistan especially Punjab. The chief profession of its people is farming. They have their own gardens & farms. They also involved in other business like Autos & Armory Ammunitions. A large number of Dawars are also having govt jobs. Its literacy rate is more than 70% & its people posses some outstanding govt post.