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his designation includes both true Bannuchis and miscellaneous Pathans now amalgamated with them. The former comprise those who belong to any of the khels or sections, the common ancestors of which were admittedly descended from Shitak and his wife Bannu. The most important of those khels are Isakki, Mandan, Surani, Miri, including Mama Khel, Nurar, and Barakzai, Mamash Khel, Amandi, and Daud Shah. The latter consists of miscellaneous groups and families scattered throughout Bannu proper. .... Read More

The first to settle were thus the Bannudzais or Bannuchis. Their previous home had been in the mountains now held by the Darwesh Khel Wazirs, with head-quarters in Shawal. Sweeping down thence they soon conquered the country lying between the Kuram and Tochi rivers, and once firmly established, devoted themselves to agricultural pursuits .... Read More

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