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Family Tree of the Alakozai's

Alakozai (Zai means son hence the name implies son of Alako) belongs to the Zeerak branch of the Pashtun Family. Aloko is more near to Popal, Barak and Achak as compared to other Pashtun tribes. Some history suggest that all of them were brothers from Abdal who lived nearly 650 years ago. Historically, the Arghandab valley which is situated about 15 km north of Qandahar city is the home of Alokozai's though Balazhara and Sarwan Qalla are also claimed to be their homes since long ago. Arghandab as called by the Greek historians as Arakozia or the land of Arako or Aloko. Alexander the great faced a fierce resistance (329 BC) from Alokozai's in Arghandab, Arakozia. Arghandab is also mentioned as Saraswati in Rig Veda and Harwati in Avesta. Currently, Alokozais are scattered in different parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This tribe resisted the foreign occupation vigorously as other Pashtun tribes in the course of history from Alexander to the British and the Russians.