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AFRIDI or APRIDI (singular -ay), designation of a major Pashtun tribe in northwest Pakistan, with a few members in Afghanistan. The Afridi form part of the Ghilzi and are thus of the so-called "eastern Pashtun" branch who are to be distinguished from the Dorrani (or Abdali) encompassing the "western Pashtun". Their language is Pashto Mashreqi. Their eponymous ancestor is supposed to have been a certain Faridun, a descendant of Karlan (whence the Karlani lineage) through Mani (or Manay) and Koday (and his second wife)....Read More

Afridi is a large tribe of the Pakhtoons which inhabits roughly a 1000 square miles of hilly country south and west of Peshawar Valley in the Sufed Koh Range. It includes Maidan in Tirah (which is accessed through Khajuri Plains) and the valleys of the Bara and Churah... Read More

افريدي اتۀ خيلونه دي: آدم خيل، اکا خيل، کمر خيل، کمبر خيل، کوکي خيل، ملک دين خيل، سپاه، او زخه خيل. د آفريدو ملک چه تيراه ورته ويلي شي نهه زره (9000) ميل مربع دي.او د پيښور د سهيل غر پريواتۀ... نور