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The Defeat of Sikhs by Dilasa Khan

Dilasa Khan Bannuchi came to Bannu some years ago before Sir Edwardes and repulsed with considerable loss a large Sikh force, which was besieging his village fort, and thus gained for himself undying fame. I give here some lines from the ballad celebrating his victory, which is still popular amongst Bannuchis and Marwats, to show the deep rooted fanaticism of the people.

In the opening verses, the Sikhs are represented as boasting of their conquest of the valley; and first threatening Dilasa Khan with quick destruction should he not submit, and then, finding him obstinate, make tempting promises to him.

The 'Ghazi Dilasa' Taunts them as 'Kafirs' and replies:

"Countries are of no use to me:
If I am martyred, God will give me paradise.
All the world is fleeting, as we are born from earth."
The Sikh force came and pitched against Dilasa.
Day and night, oh friends! they fought without ceasing.
'Twas a great earthquake. Boys and girls were kept awake.
Thanks be to God that Dilasa came out with honour.
He fought with the infidels, he became a Ghazi.
All the people praise him; from sins he has been cleansed.
The Houris of paradise have made him their own - 'tis a truth from the book.
He put the Sikhs to flight. Where will they flee religionless?