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Khushal Khan Khattak

Cup Bearer

Cup Bearer, fill the flagon, fill it high,
Khushal shall sing of war in revelry,
Now blood has stained the hands of the pashtun youth,
The talons of the hawke that knows no ruth,
For full 5 years the tribal sword has flashed,
keen edged and bright, since first the battle clashed,
Upon tatara's peak, where at one blow,
Twice twenty thousand of the moghul foe,
Perished, wives, sisters, all that they held dear,
Fell captive to the all conquering afghan spear,
Next in Daoba smote we Hussain Bek,
& Crushed his unclean head, that venomous snake,
In all our gain was glory, our glory gain,
Minstrels shall sing of us "Yea! these were men!"