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Sherani Folktales

The Prince & The Shoe

While hunting a prince happened to enter a city where he saw a woman combing the hair of a sleeping and huge black demon. The woman, seeing the prince, signed to him to return later, as the demon was one thirsty for human blood. But the prince, dismounting from his horse and drawing his sword, entered and struck at the sleeping demon, cutting off both his feet. The demon cried out, and, still grasping the woman's hand, leaped into a well near by, leaving the prince on its brink. The prince returned home with a shoe left behind by the woman, and told his father of his adventure. His father had several wives, and gave the shoe to one of them, which caused a quarrel. So the father asked the prince to obtain another shoe like the one he had brought already.

The prince returned to the city, and entering its gate found the well. He went round the city, which was deserted although it was wealthy. He found a rope, which he attached to a strong beam, and then descended the well. At the bottom he found the demon lying dead and the woman sitting by him. He brought her out by means of the rope, and enquired the reason for the state of the city. She explained that the demon had brought destruction on it ; he had fallen in love with herself, the princess of the city, and to gain her had destroyed the kingdom and killed all the other human beings. Afterwards the prince and princess searched many shops for shoes, and she showed him her palaces and property. After seeing all, the prince left the princess in her palace, promising to return soon, and returned home with the shoes he had collected.

The prince went back to the city shortly, with many followers to populate it. He married the princess, and passed his life happily.

Source: Sir Lucas King., Sherani Folktales

Picture Credits: Artnet; Rustam Kills a Demon