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Marwato Kasruna

Abdul Rahim Majzoob Advocate

Prologue: Mir Sharaf Khan Wazir
Publishers: Pashto Academy

'Marwato Kasroona' provides insight into that phase in our history when most Pakhtoon tribes were at war with one another or amongst themselves. These war ballads detail the standoffs betwen Marwat's, Niazi's, Khattak's, Blich's, Gandapur's, and Wazir's and their inter-feuds. The accent of the poetry is predominantly Marwat but definitions, notes, & clarifications are outlined in foot notes. The book itself is out of print and is very difficult to find in any of the bookshops. Khyber.ORG managed to get a photo copy of this rare book and has put it online for your consumption. If time permits, descriptions & translations in English may be added in the future.


  1. Marwat & Niazi's
  2. Nawaz Maidad Khel
  3. Gulrang Maidad Khel
  4. Hakim Geda Khel
  5. Arsala Ghazni Khel
  6. Pahlawan & Rab Ghazi Khel
  7. Janu Almar Wal & Gulan Wal
  8. Maanki
  9. Khattak & Marwat
  10. Mama Khel & Panja Khel
  11. Niazi & Begu Khan
  12. Sarfaraz Mina Khel
  13. Surat & Shahbaz Mandra Khel
  14. Matt Adam Zai
  15. Blich
  16. Muhabat & Gandapur
  17. Umri Nawar Khel
  18. Dalat Khel
  19. Isak Khel
  20. Nawaz (Khooni) & Sultan Khel
  21. Qatal Khan & Qandi Kot
  22. Ashpar Khanzam
  23. Omar Khan & Syed Khel
  24. Mahabat Ghazni Khel
  25. Muhammad Tajazai
  26. Shamsudin Jagrhi Wal
  27. Muhabbat Khan & Muqarab Khan
  28. & More ...

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