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Gaju Khan Yusufzai ,
Published in Khyber.ORG on Friday, April 10 2015 (

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Gaju Khan Yusufzai

Publishing Date: Friday, April 10 2015

Khan Gaju, Malik Ahmad's successor, formed a greatconfederation of Khashi tribes and defeated the Ghwaria Khel, headed by theKhahils, at Shiekh Tapur. The date of the battle is uncertain but Ravertyassigned it 1549 or 1550 AD. (956 or 957 H). The Battle of Sheikh Tapur was second in importance only to the Battle of Malakand Pass in terms of the Yusufza'i conquests of the sixteenth century

Khan Gaju's power may be gauged from the fact that he had at one time a force of 150,000 men under his command. H.G Raverty says: Khan Kaju extended his territory as far as Nilab, Gehep, Margalah Pass, Gakhar territory, Upper Swat, Pakhli and Dhamtaur. He was recognized and acknowledged from Nanghar to Margalah Pass, Lohori Kotal and Upper Swat to Gehep, and form Pakhli to Dhamtaur to Kala Bagh. . Adam Khan Gakhar is said to have been his feudatory. Three or four years later in 1552 Humayun reached Peshawar, which fortress he found in ruins, and appointed Sikandar Khan the Cossack (Qazak) its governor. Soon after 1552 Khan Gaju marched on Bagram and there invested isikandar, but having; no artillery or other firearms was compelled to raise the siege. Khan Gaju's Mulla or chief priest and minister was Shaikh Mali who divided the conquered lands among the Khashis.[1] [2]

Malik Ahmad Khan was supplanted, and his power and position usurped by Khan Gaju (Bahzad Khel Mandar.) The new Khan refused allegiance to Sher Shah, who had driven Humayun from his throne and seized the supreme.[3]

Khan Gaju recruited fighters in his army from Yusufzais, Gagianis, Muhammadzais, Tarkanris, Jadoons, Mashwanis, Utman Khels , Barech, Wardak, Swatis, Khattaks, Gabris, Awans, Gujjars and others. [4]


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Gaju Khan Yusufzai ,
Published in Khyber.ORG on Friday, April 10 2015 (