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Afghan Gymnastic Federation
Afghanistan Gymnastic Federation has almost 45 years history. And during this time their some competition had been performed in Asia Games. So that, in these competitions they could have Gold & Silver Medals due to their best performance.

Afghan Score
The Homepage for Afghan Cricket. Follows scores and information about cricket in Afghanistan.

Afghan Sports Federation
Virginia based non-profit organization arranging and maintaining intra-Afghan sports(e.g. soccer) events in North America

Afghan Taekwondo Federation
The Afghan Taekwondo Federation was founded by Master M. Yousuf Dildar and Master Usman Dildar in 1990 and was recognised by the world Taekwondo Federation (WTF) in 1993. ATF has officially participated in many International events and world games such as 1994 Asian Games Japan, Un Yong Kim Cup UK 1997, 15th Asian Taekwondo Championship Aman Jodon April 2002, and will be participating in the up coming 2002 Asian Games Korea and 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Afghani Kites
Information Regarding Kites from the World..

National Olympics Committee, Government of Afghanistan
Official website of Olympics Committee of Afghanistan

Shandur - The Highest Polo Ground in the World
This site offers more than just information about Shandur. There is a complete Travel guide to Chitral, Awesome pictures, Awesome Chitrali Music, and Awesome Chitrali Videos (Especially the Chitrali Atanrh by Chitral Scouts at Shandur - Must See)