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Afghan before Afghanistan, pashton=Afghan and their History.

Allama Abdul Shakoor Reshad Baba
Reflecting upon the life and works of Reshad Baba.

Allama Habibi
The site is not just a biography of Allama Abdul Hai Habibi, it contains a wealth of information and works regarding history, culture, and pashto language.
The first website entirely dedicated to Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan.

Frontier Who is Who
Profiling Personalities of NWFP

Ghani Khan
Ghani Khan - The Renaissance Man

Ghani Khan @ Taimur Khan . INFO
Ghani Khan's work in English and Pashto, never before seen pictures, Music, and other literary interests of Taimur Khan

Ghani Khan at Harappa
Contains profile of Ghani Khan, his audio, some movie clips and interviews.

Kabir Stori

Collection of literary work by Dr. Kabir Stori
Prime Minister Maiwandwals official site

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