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Hujrah wa Majlis - Paltalk
Paltalkeez Room - See your favorite Paltalk friends here

Pakhtun Homepage
This is the personal site of Shakeel A. Khan from Dir in NWFP but currently in New York.

Azim Babak Homepage

Prof. Dr. Qabil Khan
Ex-Chairman of Department Of English and Modern European Languages, University Of Peshawar.

Saleh Khana Site by Shafiq ur Rahman
welcome to the most popular amazing and official site.specially designed for the salehkhana people.and the overseas salkhawal.brothers and name is shafiq rahman of baand kooroona.(qurbaan kheil,mond kheil,guner kheil,doran kehiel,waghaira.

Watan Dost Haybatullah Zurmatai
this is site according visitors very good computerize site. and included very good information about afghanistan.