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Afghan Dost
English / Pashto / Dari Dictionary. Also available are music sections, Information, etc.

Afghanistan Digital Library

A collection of all known works from 1870-1930 that have been digitized and processed by the Afghan Digital Library Staff. Also provides a link to a full list of works falling within the project's scope; those published in Afghanistan in the period 1870-1930.

Devoted to Pashto fiction


A large database of pashto books available free online for the betterment and promotion of Pashto language. Books are from many categories such as literature, islamic, poetry, stories, anthropological, medical, humor.

Pakhtoon Magazine
"Pakhtoon" is a monthly magazine that publishes well-written articles in Pashto on a variety of subjects including politics, history, gender issues, social problems and economy; particularly specific to Pakhtoons. It aims at the development of Pashto language and literature by encouraging writers to write in their native language about local/national and international issues.

Sardar Muhammad Daud
A book in Dari on the life of Sardar Muhammad Daud, former President of Afghanistan by Dr. Assem Akram. The site also has a gallery featuring rare & memorable pictures of the former president.

STAX Arthur Paul Afghanistan Collection

STAX is the digital book repository of University of Nebraska at Omaha and contains the Arthur Paul Afghanistan collection of books, most notably Afghan poetry of the 17th Century, Dictionary of the Pathan Tribes, Letters-Baluch-Afghan boundary commission, and Khalid-e Afghani