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Afghan before Afghanistan, pashton=Afghan and their History.

Ghani Khan
Ghani Khan - The Renaissance Man

Ghani Khan @ Taimur Khan . INFO
Ghani Khan's work in English and Pashto, never before seen pictures, Music, and other literary interests of Taimur Khan

Ghani Khan at Harappa
Contains profile of Ghani Khan, his audio, some movie clips and interviews.

Malang Jan

A website dedicated to the life and works of Malang Jan Baba

Masud Peganai
Complete Book with Photos and historical record, All online

Photos of Ghani Khan

Syed Jamal-ud Din Afghani

The First and Only Afghan who Ever Went to Space
Abdul Ahad Mohmand >> The First Afghan in Space on Russian Space Shuttle Mir

Warlords of Afghanistan
An interesting website by Matt Weems accounting some of the figures who have influenced Afghan politics