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Land of the Afghans pop

Afghana Web Directory

Afghanistan Online
News, Shopping, Culture, Economy, Museum, Photo Gallery, Geography, Languages, Politics, History, Flags, Anthems, Stamps, Women, etc.

Afghanistan's Web Site
Afghanistan's Web Site provides updated news and information on Afghanistan including culture, history, politics, society, languages, economy, discussion forum and much more.

Hidden Treasures from Kabul Museum
In 1988, Afghanistan was ten years into a violent civil war. As the security situation in the capital worsened, government and National Museum officials worried the Kabul museum, home to thousands of historical artifacts and works of art, would be destroyed or looted. They made a plan to transfer many of the objects to secret hiding places. These objects are now at display at the British Museum, London.
First Pakistani Agricultural Portal. If you want to know about Agricultural Products of Pakistan (Information, How to Grow them, Seasons, News, Medicines to use for Crops etc.) then this is the Site for you. From Crops to Livestock to Fisheries to Horticulture... Everything's here.

Pukhtunistan Homepage
About Pukhtuns and their culture

Safi's Web

Salam Farhang Tolana
د افغانانو لپاره تاريخي ، کلتوري او پوهنيزي ليکني

Tol Afghan
Complete online portal on Pashto language. Provides pashto literature, software, discussion forums, news, books, magazines, and more ...

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