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Pashto . NET
Dozens of Islamic Audio Lectures in Pashto Language. Later on, we may add other things related to Pashto language and culture (no songs or music) for informational and educational purposes. pop


Website with various articles in Pashto on subjects ranging from Islam to literature

Islah Online
Islamic portal in Pashto

Living Islam
This site presents some authentic texts from the Islamic tradition ... Islam cannot be reduced to an utopia for the perfect society in this world (dunya), which is a support for the Hereafter and Islam is neither limited to the domain of faith, nor to its domain of law.

Masud Ahmad Khan
The web's leading resources on traditional Islam. This excellent one-man site runs essays by prominent clerics and other commentators.

Orvatul Wuthqa

د عروة الوثقی قرآني ویب پاڼه

Pashto Dars was started in October, 2006, by simples slaves of Allah a'zzah wajjal, Sunni Muslims living in new york, USA. Our goal is to spread the message of the Holy Quran to all mankind (Muslims and non-Muslims) pashtoons and non pashtoons throughout this world free of cost.