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Governments and Politics : Political Parties

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Afghan Mellat Party

د افغان ټولنپال ولسواک ګوند

Afghan Social Democratic Party (Afghan Mellat)

افغان ملت ملی مترقي ګوند

Awami National Party

Awami National Party Official Homepage

Da Afghanistan Soli Ghorzang

Junbish Milli
Website with Agenda of Junbish Milli Party, Afghanistan, headed by Rashid Dostum

Liberal Democratic Part of Afghanistan

Munic based Party headed by Hayattullah Maiwand.

Pashtoons Social Democratic Party PSDP
Pashtunkhwa.Com :: Organ of the Pashtuns social democratic party. Provides news & activities of the party. Also has a section devoted to literature and arts.

Revolutionary Association of Women in Afghanistan
RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, was established in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1977 as an independent political/social organization of Afghan women fighting for human rights and for social justice in Afghanistan. The founders were a number of Afghan woman intellectuals under the sagacious leadership of Meena who in 1987 was assassinated in Quetta, Pakistan, by Afghan agents of the then KGB in connivance with fundamentalist band of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar .

Shola Jawid - Voice of Communist Party of Afghanistan
Articles and Statements by the Communist Party of Afghanistan

Womens Alliance for Peace and Human Rights in Afghanistan