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    Khost Web
    Videos, Music, & Poetry from Khost pop

    Ariana Television Network

    Official website of Ariana TV and Radio channels; The largest private media organization in Afghanistan.

    Chamkani (Sokanay) is a village situated 7 miles out side Peshawar City towards east on the grand trunk road. The site focuses upon news and events, important personalities & literary figures such as Hazrat Mia Omar Baba, Haji Darya Khan Abdul Khel, Khaled Waqar Chamkani, and others. It also hosts an extensive picture gallery, maps, and forums for interaction.

    خپل همصنفیان او زاړه دوستان پیدا کړئ

    Khost TV
    خوست تلويزيون ويب پاڼه ددې اصل پر بنسټ چې هر څوک د خپلې ژبې ، کلتور او مقدساتوته د خدمت حق لري ، د انسان ازاد فکر، قلم ، کتاب او دهر چا درنښت په نظر کې نيولو سره همدارنګه پښتو ژبې او ادب ، د هيواد بيارغونې او صلح ايز ژوند ته د خلکو هڅونې په موخه جوړه شويده.

    Shamshad TV Network

    Official Website of Shamshad TV