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August 2005

The Sun over the Mountain Passes, Dr. Sher Zaman Taizi
Sunday, August 7 2005

Recently I received some beautiful books of various sorts. One of them has been titled as نمر په کنډاوونو "Nmar pa kandawoono" (The sun over the mountain-passes). . . . Read More

Wednesday, August 3 2005

Pakhtuns from all over the world have realised the importance of their mother tongue and consequently several individual and collective efforts to promote Pakhto have been initiated from various corners of the world. World Pakhtun Organisation, Pakhtaneh, Khyberwatch,, Yawpukhtun,, Hewad, Tole Afghan, Afghan Culturi Tolana, Germany, Paak Pakhto Adabi Tolana Qatar, Pakhtuns in Canada, Afghan Forum UK are just a few of them. These organisations have memberships from all over the world and most of them are based abroad. . . . Read More